Speaking Up Policy


“Speaking up”, often referred to as whistleblowing, is central to safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk in any organisation/group.


Ignite does not tolerate unsafe practices and welcomes your comments and concerns in order that actions can be taken immediately to safeguard children, adults at risk and all those who come to our activities or use our services.


Ignite acknowledges the potential for trustees, committee members, paid staff, volunteers, other adults or children to behave in a way which is not conducive to the safety and well-being of children, young people and adults at risk.


For the purpose of this policy “speaking up” is used to describe:

‘The revelation of wrong-doing, abuse or unethical behaviour by a trustee, committee member, volunteer, paid staff, another adult or child within the organisation...to those in positions of authority’.



• Anyone having a concern about the way in which Ignite or individuals within the organisation, carry out its work should raise this with the person directly responsible for the matter or with the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), or both. The DSL’s for Ignite are Jessica McArdle, Caroline Friend or Sue Inglis-Jones.

• If you feel unable to raise your concern openly then you should know that you have the right, free from discrimination, to let the DSL or someone on the Board of Trustees/Committee know of your concern.

• If you wish to discuss your concern with someone outside the organisation the “Public concern at Work” (whistle@pcaw.co.uk) are able to act confidentially on your behalf. Alternatively outside help is available from Scripture Union to which Ignite is affiliated.

• Ignite will seek to keep all information confidential to protect the identity of the person ‘speaking up’ and those who may be implicated during the investigation, however depending on the nature of the matter raised, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Information will be shared with those deemed appropriate when it has been fully collated and examined.


Procedures for the Designated Person and Trustee Board

The chairperson for Ignite, will take responsibility for all action/decisions made in relation to ‘Speaking Up’. In the event that the matter raised relates to the behaviours/actions of The Chairperson then the DSL or a different Trustee will take responsibility.



A. If a child or adult is at risk

If the matter raised involves information that a child or adult is at risk, Ignite will act in line with our safeguarding policy, including notifying the relevant agencies. All information will be recorded and where applicable the child/parent/carer/adult at risk will be told that the matter has been raised, that we are notifying the relevant agency.  If a trustee/ committee member, staff member or volunteer have been named

then we will ensure that they are removed from the relevant activity or service pending the outcome of any investigation.


A written record will be kept when a matter is raised which details actions/events in chronological order, and appropriate confidentiality will be maintained.


Note: in circumstances were the matter raised refers to risk to a child or adult at risk the safeguarding procedure must take priority, any internal investigation will be secondary to safeguarding action.


B. If a trustee, committee member, staff member or volunteer is acting in an

unsafe manner

‘If the matter raised involves a trustee/committee member, staff member or volunteer acting in an unsafe manner the concerns will be investigated immediately.  If the behaviour is illegal then the police will be informed.  If the behaviour is not illegal then we will undertake an internal investigation and this will require us to listen to all parties and to gather witness statements.


 The investigating officer should bear in mind the need to:

• Provide information and support to the person speaking up about their rights and

organisations who can support them if applicable

• Make sure that at the end of the process they take time to clearly convey all

decisions to the person speaking up

• Agree any public statement with the trustees prior to making it

• Take time to de-brief and review procedures, if necessary, at the close of the



Ignite aim to complete any internal investigation under this policy within 28 days of the matter being raised. Matters which require external reporting, for example, safeguarding agencies or police, will be subject to their time frames.


 Reviewed: July 2023