Mighty Oaks

What is Mighty Oaks Alnwick?

The aim of the project is to give out free drinks to people in Alnwick on Saturday nights - people having a night out, taxi drivers, bouncers, dog walkers and police. We don't ask for donations but we do aim to have a chat with all of our customers. We are not tied to a time limit and therefore hope to be around for months and years to come. We hope that our presence in the town centre will help our churches get to know their community better and give the public the opportunity to ask questions and chat about Christianity if they want to.

It came into being in May 2011 as a result of the Mighty Oaks initiative started by Christians from Morpeth Baptist Church in 2009.

The ethos of the project is to reach out in a practical way to Alnwick’s late night community on a Saturday evening through the serving of hot drinks; to be a Christian presence through our actions and therefore to draw alongside people with God’s heart of love and compassion in a natural and easy way. We usually serve from 9pm-11.30pm on a Saturday night and give away anything from 40-70 cups. The van has become an established feature of Alnwick life, and whenever possible we readily respond to requests to support community activities eg the Big Sing.